Untitled (Studio 30), 2015

One of things that attracted me to my first studio was the view out of my window - trees that blocked the view of the A12. I enjoyed watching them change through the seasons: the shapes of the branches playing with the light on my studio window in the winter; the regrowth and blossom in the spring; the full crowns in the summer; and the damsons in the autumn as well as the changing colours of the leaves. This everyday event soon became normal and part of studio life.

Our interactions with nature are usually on this everyday basis, and not always something extraordinary; in this case it was the view out of my window, which I saw every time I visited the studio. It is often these interactions that we don't notice, but if they weren't there it would seem very plain and grey. We rely on these interactions but simultaneously take them for granted. Now that I have moved to studio 8 I no longer see these trees.