I am an artist and curator working in Colchester and north-east Essex. I graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Colchester School of Art in 2011, and with a Masters in Art History and Theory in 2014 from the University of Essex.

I draw upon the history of landscape, looking at nature as culture and the perceived divide between them, using drawing to help me explore nature, the natural sciences and social history (please see my reading list).

I am interested in the idea of the index, the trace, a physical connection between itself and an object, or in this case myself to my environment. A line on paper or in the land, a record of experience. My drawing practice has therefore evolved to encompass line drawing, printmaking, photography, installation, and land art.

I am increasingly finding myself drawn to everyday or overlooked interactions we make with the natural world, as well as the everyday affect the natural world has on our lives. Place has become increasingly important to me, and the majority of my works are site-specific, in the broadest sense, drawing on a place’s history, memory and time

Also ideas of evolution; botany; taxonomy and collecting/collections; geography; maps; walking; folklore and mythologies; landscape/wilderness; and all their associations and allusions to place interest and influence me.

For more information about what inspires me and work in progress visit my Instagram page.