Service Suspended (Raydon Railway Line), 2016


Walking one afternoon along this path it occurred to me how straight it was. 2 miles of straight road. Upon discovering it was a disused railway line I started to notice how banks grew up from parts of the line, and fell away at others, maintaining the level track. At the heart of my practice is the notion that the land shapes us, and that we shape it back, and that there is a social history to what we think of as nature. Old railway lines can be found on maps, even when the tracks aren't there - sometimes they cut through places, as in Raydon Wood, other times they follow field and river boundaries, but always leaving a definite mark on the land.

I believed that this line had been dismantled from the conclusion of Beeching's report, only to discover that it had been closed to passengers since 1932, and freight stopped using the line in 1965. Heavily used during WWII for supplies to a US Army air base, later RAF Raydon. It is now part of the national cycle network, route 1.